Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Schmoo, Boo, Schmelly Belly, Muppet, Wallace, Monkey, Little Tart, Pumpkin, Stinky Head, Bells, Bellabaloo. Bella.

I know you are there, staring at me.

Stop your huffing, we will venture out, in the cold and the rain, at this ungodly hour and go for a quick walk.

Happy now?


Kimberlee said...

BELLLAAAA!! sending a big smooshy kiss your way!!

Emma @ White & Wander said...

I love this little pumpkin almost as much as a child of my own ... I remember when a snorting Puggy would cry when I went to the toilet too xx

I *Heart* You said...

what a little cutie!! that little wet nose is just beckoning for kisses!

Courtney said...

oh my goodness this is one cute pup. cute cute cute!

Pippa said...

She is a little supermodel - with an ego to match!