Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today was my birthday and despite it being a working day, it was a really great day, especially as I haven't had a great track record with birthdays.

For instance, my mum had a bag of fun size snickers for the lolly bags at my seventh birthday party. I think I ate them all, ran around then ralphed the lot up. Never touched a Snickers again.

I had my very own Molly Ringwald moment when, just like in 16 Candles, my parents forgot my 16th birthday. Granted, they were stranded in Germany and had just had their bags (including passports, credit cards, cameras and I presume my birthday presents) stolen - and they did call the very next day, which may have still been my birthday there, but still. I am holding this grudge as it links me to an eighties icon.

On my twentieth birthday, I had a uni assignment due, so I spent the day and the night in the library at Flinders. I missed the last bus from the campus into the city and this being before I had a mobile, had to walk to the main road in the dark and the rain (no raincoat or umbrella) to the next nearest bus stop, got off in town and caught the last train back to my parents, tripped on a tree root walking back to theirs, skun my knee and tore my favourite jeans.

But, as I said before, today was lovely. Here is how I was spoilt;

  • I had phone calls from those I love and gorgeous emails from people I never get to see.
  • Bert surprised me by hiding my present in the cupboard before he went away (I have wanted this clock since I saw it at Christmas time last year, but they had sold out and weren't getting anymore. Its huge - just over half a metre in diameter and I'm not really sure where I am going to put it, but I love that it is mine)

  • Kimberlee couldn't keep a secret any longer and sent me a pic of my birthday present - which is divine by the way.
  • I got sent a text of my beautiful little man Gus playing happy birthday for me on some drums - soooooooo cute
  • Work put on a long lunch for me and we had the yummiest Thai with spring rolls with whole prawns in them.
  • My workmate Nat had made me a Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch for afternoon tea - and she is a damn fine cook - the pastry tasted like shortbread.
  • Went down to my folks for tea, picking up Sal on the way and had roast lamb (done in the weber, so it was that beautiful smoky flavour) with 7 different types of veg.
  • Dad had gone to Muratti to get me a cake and had come back with my favourite and I have slice in my fridge for tomorrow as well.

And, for the cherry, I got a comment on here from Paige at "I Heart You" who is the whole reason I started reading blogs in the first place.

So, overall, TOPS day! Hooray for birthdays.


I *Heart* You said...

i read this whole post and then got to the end and smiled so big! you are such a doll miss pippa!! i am so sorry you have had such unfortunate birthdays in the past (if it makes you feel any better it rains on my birthday EVERY YEAR) but i am so happy you had a great one this time around and that little ol' me could make you smile on your day. again, you so so pretty it should be a crime!!! many happy wishes to you!

Kimberlee said...

I second Paige's comments. glad you had such a good day - love you lots! xx

Emma @ White & Wander said...

I am evil and didn't write...I was thinking about you all day though! I wish I was busy saving lives as an excuse, more like doing stats that I couldn't work out so today I'm going to make them up... hee hee xx
Happy Birthday darling Pip xx

Pippa said...

thanks gals. I'm setting up a mini tramp to bounce back the love. X

Teal Chic said...

Happy Happy Birthday!