Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Milch Maid

So, I'm going to a happy place now, as I'm still a bit low from my TV viewing tonight.

It may be a bit odd, but something that makes me smile is speaking German because it reminds me of my beautiful friend George (and not just cos the German pronounciatiopn of her name was Gay-org - heh heh)

We studied German in Year 12 and I found it an invaluable language to know as my parents' house only had the one landline in the middle of the kitchen/lounge area so you could not have a private phone conversation to save yourself. George and I would discuss our weekend plans auf Deutsch and used the word Milch (milk) when we were talking about alcohol. The number of times our folks must have heard that word they would have had no worries of how strong our bones were (do you think that my current state of lactose intolerance might be some sort of karmic reaction?).

George has now moved to glamorous Sydney and although I am a very bad friend and never call (in English or in German), I do miss her terribly. She is truly one of the most genuine (and funniest) people I have ever met. So, since seeing it on Rare Bird Finds, I want to get her this tshirt.

It says Ich möchte Dir sagen, daβ ich Dich nie verlassen werde. Und dann, wenn Du traurig bist, könnte ich Dir immer ein biβchen Likör geben, um dein Herz zu aufwärmen. xo which they have translated loosely as "I'll be there for you always. And I'll get you drunk when you're sad"

Fine sentiments indeed.


Kimberlee said...

god you write good. in english and german. milch - i love that, never knew about that!! - can you please post about the religion you and Anna set up in uni and your ten commandments? please please!!! - we still on for Amelie Friday night - ok, i should probably not use comments on your blog to organise our 'hectic' social life for weekend, i'll email you! he he x

Anonymous said...

Poo it is George Barry - LOVE your blog...Love the T - Shirt... and Love you! I am pretty sure I have not been blogged about before and what a way to start !!

So just for imagine I am saying

"tropical sensation"