Monday, July 28, 2008

On Jeans and J Lo

Ah winter. That freezing expanse, the clouds as grey as your mood and the rain that only seems to come when you have your sheets on the line.

I go into cozy craving overload during winter; I have two quilts on my bed. I turn the heater on as soon as I walk in the door. I huddle on the couch with my blanket and I stuff myself with warm comfort foods like casseroles, curries and hot puddings. Unsurprisingly, my weight tends to creep up over this wonderful time of year. Perhaps the only upside of this is that winter is the best time for layering - both for the cold and the hiding of unsightly, pasty bits.

Recently, I went to work wearing a singlet, a long sleeved top, a jersey tunic that was long enough to cover my butt, a scarf and a blazer. On the bottom half, I wore my jeans.
Only problem was, due to my cold climate bingeing, I couldn't do them up.
So I didn't.
I fastened a sort of slip-knot with a hair elastic through the button hole of my jeans and attached that to the button so my jeans wouldn't fall down - and they stayed up all day, no one was the wiser.
This is both the best and worst thing that has happened to me this winter.

I am now taking comfort in the fact that celebrities have these days too.
Ms Lopez is still looking fine. I have no excuse. The only twins I have had lately are of this variety


Emma @ White and Wander said...

YOu are one funny monkey - has she never heard of the soup diet? I have but am in the J Lo boat and of course have never tried it - twix are so much more fun!

Sally said...

Classic Miss Pip! I am currently one of these fools that are on a soup diet...this morning for breakfast I had a plate of carrots. Fun. xxx

I *Heart* You said...

twix are the best. and you are to funny!