Friday, July 11, 2008

Look at Moiye

I love love love the fug girls, but found myself pouting when they fugged Selma Blair. I think she looks a little bit cute here. Can't wait to see her playing Kim.


Kimberlee said...

i agree. me likey her outfity. of course you have seen it by now, but if you haven't - Paige and IHU has clips of K&K American style on her blog today..... no sound at work but can't wait to go home and check them out x

I *Heart* You said...

i think she looks cute too! her style is always a little different than what you'd expect. love her.

yes! come check the clips at my blog! i think they are funny!!!

Pippa said...

Whoops, I'd meant to link the word "Kim" to your blog. Should read before i post! Done now. Twas such a psychic squirrel moment when i saw your site in the morning as about 10 minutes before I'd just watched one of those clips on an Oz TV website. The world is small, oh so small.