Friday, July 4, 2008

Table Talk

I know that Snippet and Ink is the guilty pleasure of many. Wedding bells are way, way (way) off for me, but I find it so inspirational in every day life. Its so nice to see the real weddings with the pictures of people on their happiest and most special day, but the boards are what sucker me in. I love the composition of images. I always ending up clicking through at least one of the links. And that is how I came across this little lovely...
Wouldn't it be nice to sit down to one of these.


Teal Chic said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! Hope you are enjoying your day!!!

Yes, I'd love to be sitting at one of these tables...especially the last one! :)

I *Heart* You said...

the succulent in the silver stem goblet thing is FANTASTIC!!! i must do this!!! thanks Pippa doll!