Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Short Story

The Satorialist is the most insipring blog ever. I know it sounds like an incredibly vapid thing to say (and probably is), but everytime I look at his pictures I am motivated to try something different - pull that old dress from the back of my wardrobe, try that with a scarf, think outside the square. Clothes are such a great way of expressing one's personalities and quirks. One of my favourite "looks" is longer sleeved tops and shorts. When I was younger, you couldn't keep me out of them. These days I tend to have to layer them with tights, cos i feel the cold - and have pale, pasty gams. I think this filly looks fab. I love the heels and the relaxed pony and I am going to have to get me an Hermes belt.


I *Heart* You said...

i agree with you on all accounts. and i love vapidness. :)

Pippa said...

Oh Yay! I definitely believe that the world is a better place because of the light and fluffy. And Hermes belts.