Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Not to Wear - The Push Bike Edition

There is a gang of 6 fluoro clad fifty/sixty year old cyclists hanging out on the corner of my street at the moment. I applaud their attempts at staving off the effects of cholesterol and keeping the body healthy, its a very sensible approach to life, but what is with the full on professional bike jockey garb? Grab a T-shirt and some shorts and deal with the chafe. Lycra is wrong. WRONG. Wrong.
I spent my formative working years peddling (heh heh) videos at my local Blockbuster. I had one particular customer who fell into the afore mentioned age-group of cyclists and would come in to the store in his tight spandex suit. Now this was bad enough in itself, but the kicker was that this guy only hired porn. Herein lay the problem; when someone is wearing bike shorts, you need to stare them in the face and when someone is hiring porn, you cannot look them in the eye. Jump to the link, if you dare, for a lovely picture of Why Cyclists Should Only Wear Black Pants.

I'll leave you with some gorgeous cyclist pics from London Cycle Chic to get the last evil image out of your memory.


SHILL said...

hilarious post, love it :) pretty pictures of girls!

Sara Bradshaw said...

Clicked on the link and almost had to gouge my eyes out - wrong wrong wrong! Thanks for visiting me by the way :)