Friday, October 10, 2008

My Clever Friend

Welcome to the world little Agatha Hope and well done Sarah and Tom, she is too, too beautiful.

Ever since I found Sarahjanestudios on etsy, it has reminded me of my friend and BRAND NEW mum Sarah (not just for the name - my Sarah is also such a talented artist and these pics are very much the same style as her drawings) and now this particular fave is even more appropriate.

Come home soon poppet, I so want to meet little Aggie.


I *Heart* You said...

these are way too cute for words! i love all of them!!! and congratulations to your friend!!!

Kimberlee said...

these are the most beautiful drawings, what a fabulous find - and you are right, soooooo Sarah. And I love the name, Agatha Hope. I need to see photos, pronto!

I told mum Sarah had had a baby and asked her if she remembered her from boarding school. Mum goes "oh thats the girl that said she hopes she never has to shop at Woolworths or Coles?" - yep mum, that's the one! he he x

Emma @ White and Wander said...

I am so so excited to open the net today in the middle of my foul conference to see you are BACK! Ya Pippy, hooray! And back with some of the best things I have seen in ages ... anything that looks a little like Babar is floating my boat for sure. Welcome back bunny xxx

Emma @ White and Wander said...

PS... turdle ... rocks!