Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bathtime Bride

I've had this link for ages and can't remember where I actually grabbed it from, but how gorgeous is this ruffly shower curtain? It'd be like getting married in the tub.

Teaming with the theme is this beautiful, totally non-naff, bath confetti in a hand blown glass jar from

Oh, oh, oh and you could have a dress made of bubbles and carry a bouquet of flannel flowers and shower roses. Perhaps your rubber ducky as bridesmaid (or is that going a bit too far)?

Yes, too far - tiaras on a rubber duck? What is the world coming to....?


Kimberlee said...

tiaras on ANYONE that aren't officially royality (even then its sometimes a stretch) is going too far. love this post pip. xx

Emma @ White and Wander said...

Love a ducky tiara! Fabulous! And I think the shower curtain is either anthropologie or urban outfitters - not sure though. I so love that confetti too xx

SHILL said...

how cute are the duckies!!!and the confetti, precious :)