Thursday, October 30, 2008

Damn You Addictive Personality

Home Furniture on Consignment, I am glad you do not have a store in Adelaide, otherwise I would try to justify purchaes like this Modular Candle Holder

and I need a big "M", it would obviously stand for "Me" or "Mwha ha ha ha" which is the laugh of my evil genius alter ego

These would light up my life

These are practically art (grammar-wise that is right, oui/non? Cos its doors, not a singular door)

And because I am Miss Moneybags, I would get this for Emma. She loves sticks.

But, as it is, I will just have to give in to my addictive personality and just keep checking back to see when new stuff comes in.


SHILL said...

love the "M".. good reasoning! i have excuses to get letter "M" now. digging this post, so much eye candy :)

Emma @ White and Wander said...

I am such an addictive personality that yesterday I bought a British Vogue that I already had .... obsessed and crazy!
Feel free to put a hold on that twig chandelier - you know me well ... love it lots and lots xx