Tuesday, October 14, 2008

K Bro the Graffiti Queen

Kimberlee tagged me a while ago; there were some rules and the gist of them were to "tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself" and then tag six more people so they will do the same. I'm going to post these six peoples a little bit later
so here goes for me
1) I cannot have my neck touched by anyone

that's one, one weird phobia, ah ah ah ah

2) I am lactose intolerant

That was an alto double shot skinny soy latte to go thanks

3) I don't consider myself religious in any organised way these days, but since I was a little girl, I have had to say the lord's prayer every time I see a dead bird (which can be quite awkward if you are in the middle of a conversation).

I said it after watching this

4) I am afraid of pine trees - I get goosebumps and everything. Christmas is an absolute nightmare for me, frickin evil conifers lurking in people's lounge rooms just waiting to get me...

Take that you evil Christmas Tree

5) I was 6 weeks born six weeks prem and spent the first week of my life catching rays in the humidity crib. This explains my battles with tanorexia.

This was like mother's milk to my friend James and me

6) When I was 22, I got a tattoo (cos I was a poet and I did know it). I got it on my birthday after quite a few speedily downed G&Ts. Its the japanese symbol for beach (cliche I know, but I had studied it at school and had been scribbling this one on myself since I was fifteen) and its on the top of my butt cheek. Do you get the pun on my buns?
stay tuned for tagees.

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Kimberlee said...

trust you to make your six boring things so friggin cool. and the pictures to match? you da bomb pippy do, da bomb! x