Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bag Brag

Adelaide is the tiniest town - its not six degrees of separation here, more like three. You do anything and everyone knows about it. Normally this doesn't work in your favour, but if you do something newsworthy, expect it to be shouted from the rooftops.
So here's props to a friend of a friend of mine (I have vague recollections of her from backyard parties) who now lives in Sydney. She has started a great little business that is doing really well in this newly environmentally aware market. Its called bagladies and it specialises in cute alternatives to those green supermarket bags.
This one, undercover greenie, is exactly the same size as those infamous Coles bags and is only $4.95.

For the yummy mummies, or perhaps the potty mouths, a baby bag for $9.95

And sandbags are necessities for emergencies (like the sun is shining and you need beach NOW)I love this one as its perfect for toting magazines and I've actually bought a few as gifts for friends... keeping the dream alive

And their latest bag is the new black
Tote-ally cute oui/non?

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Kimberlee said...

tres oui! x (very yes?.... oh you know what i mean!) xx