Monday, October 6, 2008

Hide and Seek Inspiration

I've kind of been in hiding, a hibernation of sorts.
I was going through one of those self doubt periods where I overthink everything and I decided to take a bit of a break from the blogging world - I didn't like the feeling of it all becoming a chore rather than fun.
I now feel completely out of the loop as I haven't read any of my "daily fixes" in ages, so bear with me as I get back into it all.
I did get back to where I wanted to be though and realised that the reason I started doing this was to share the cool stuff I'd come across with my friends and in the last few weeks this really hit home as I'd see something and the first thing I thought about was "putting it in the blog".
So, its wake up time - I hope to have a lot of eye-opening finds and mind expanding ideas from now on.
I'll leave it to the Wiggles to bring this home.

PS. I don't have the link for the first photo any more (we already know I'm a bad blogger so no need to harp on the subject), but did you find what was hiding in it?


Breakfast for Dinner said...

No worries. I also sometimes feel like posting can be a chore, but remember that it's just a fun way to share with people who have things in common with you. I think it's a relief to be able to share with people who "get it" b/c sometimes my friends don't share the same interests as passionately. :)

Sally said...

Yay! You're back Miss Pip, fantastic! Sal xx

jlb said...

I missed your funnies Pip. Is it a squirrel?

Kimberlee said...

super yay pipsicle. - so glad to have you back blogging - i totally understand. love you lots precious girl xx

Pippa said...

breakfast for dinner - thanks for the reinforcement. That is exactly why I started this. My friends do love the same sort of things, but we are spread so far apart these days. It constantly amazes me about the number of people who drift on the same wavelength though - ah the global community - love it! BTW love the name, tonight I had muesli with yoghurt for dinner.

Bonjour Sal - will do a Melbourne post soon.

jlb - yay - someone else with a warped sense of humour. Its in the middle of he left hand side and will hopefully make you smile... hint hint...

KB - X back

jlb said...

Oh dear. I really did see a squirrel, seriously.

penny said...

YAY! I was checking everyday for new posts but there were none :-(
Glad you are back to brighten each day with your clever and entertaining posts.