Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Six Degrees

Media junkets are my fave. I was just at a Nova function where Merrick and Rosso did some stand up and were tres humorous, but the highlight of my night was, as I was leaving, I brushed passed SALLY FLETCHER.

So, I touched Kate who kissed Heath Ledger who was in The Patriot with Mel Gibson, who was in Conspiracy Theory with Julia Roberts who was in Flat Liners with KEVIN BACON .

I really like Kate Richie. I think it would have been extremely hard growing up in front of the public eye on Home and Away. I also feel I have a bond with her as her original foster mum and I share the same name - that practically makes us related doesn't it?

But what has really endeared her to me in the last few years is that she has developed an excellent taste in fashion. The girl frocks good.

Pics from Jamd

Just give me ten minutes free reign in her wardrobe and I'll be happy


Kimberlee said...

tres jealous!!!!! me loves Kate Ritchie!!! - and that you did the Paige thing and connected it all back to Kevin Bacon.

Oh and yes, can't wait to see head piece thing down rundle st tonight!!! xxx

Emma @ White and Wander said...

I GET the obsession with her - just saw her on the latest WHO mag and she is just gorgeous ... I envy her toned bottom!

SHILL said...

closet's envy!!!!gorgeous all the way :)