Friday, November 28, 2008

Humphrey Fingers

Not typing too well today. I have Humphrey fingers.
Did a great spello though when entering a TV Schedule;
Movie Manatee
Heh heh

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shopping list - Purple fedora, fur coat, diamond cane...

Here I am with my brothers Rowan to the left and Brad to the right.
I am a bit sad tonight as Rowan is leaving for Canada tomorrow morning. He has had a quarter life crisis and is taking the year off and going to work at Panorama Mountain resort to be a ski bunny. I am very jealous (although he is missing Summer), but I'm hoping to catch up with him next year in Vegas for my birthday. We've just gone out to tea to say goodbye and got the waitress to take a photo so he could have one of our cheesy mugs.

The little presents on the table are early Christmas presents I got for my bros. They were bottle opener rings and I think they are just the coolest things ever. I got each one engraved with "Moose Knuckle" which is a completely tasteless term of affection between us.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to pimp him out (hence the shopping list) as he will be in a different country when he reads this.

He is single, only slightly annoying these days and has the same warped sense of humour that I do, so if anyone is thinking of hitting the slopes up in British Columbia, look him up eh.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weakness - thy name is Kermit

This is the yummiest, scrummiest cake ever!
The South Australian Heritage Icon - the Balfours frog cake.

pic from here

Just like science class, I will now perform an amphibian dissection

I just drooled on my keyboard!

Personally, I think the green ones are the best and would never say no to the pink ones, but I'm not such a fan of the chocolate ones.

pic from here

At uni, I would be struck down with the biggest cravings and we would have to do frog cake runs - which is not the easiest thing to do as I'm pretty sure they are only made once a week and not all delis stock them, so it was sometimes a hit and miss affair.

These gorgeous paintings by Dianne Gall would solve my craving problem forever, in fact I think I would be on a permanent sugar high. If they were still available for sale, I would so be breaking into my piggy bank right now.

that's my kind of breakfast

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet Treats

Continuing with the cake theme...
I was at my folks' house the other day and came across this picture of a cake I made for my mum for mother's day when I was about 13.

those tim tams went in my belly!

I was so darn proud of it at the time, but now a look at it and think it would be perfect for the blog my brother recommended I peruse...
It is now a firm favourite.
Here is a sample of some of the delights you will find over there

I see balloons, what do you see?

Mmmm, tasty severed head cake

Speaks for itself really

What the bride asked to be made, what the professional cake maker produced

Trust in technology

An extremely Curious George

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Darling Emma, who loves the puggies, would never ever put something like this on her ever so tasteful blog White and Wander. But she doesn't fool me, I know she'll love it.

Pic from B&T mag - an ad for a digital retouching and 3D creative company
If only....
PS. I wonder if they are Choc Chip

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses

My favourite chore is doing the laundry (only the washing bit though - not hanging it out, I would contribute greatly to the hole in the ozone layer if I had a dryer). I can only use one detergent and one fabric softener though as I'm a bit allergic to the rest. My mum changed it once when I was living at home and I came out in a rash, but they didn't link the change in washing powder with the little red spots and they thought I had scabies. Scabies! I was mortified!

I don't shrink stuff and colours rarely run, but I often forget to check pockets. I now have numerous tops that have holes in them from when there have been screws and nails hidden in a pair of work trousers.

So, I keep my eye out for cute badges and brooches to cover them. At the moment, I like rosettes.

The Evil Earwig and the Trout Pout

I was drinking a Pepsi Max last night when an earwig managed to crawl into my straw whilst I was concentrating on my samurai sudoku. Consequently, when I took a sip, it stung me on the lip.

I feel like the love child of a three way between Lisa Rinna, Meg Ryan and Nikki Cox.

Meanwhile this photo does not do justice to the weirdness that is Meg Ryan's new lips - I went to see The Women with Kimberlee and our friend Bec and I couldn't concentrate when she was on screen. I just kept staring at that mouth.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When Tan Lines become Phone Lines

I really love Good News Week. It is a terribly funny show and last week they were running an ad that had a line from the show and it made me double over every time I heard it. (Its in the first minute of Ep 4 if you did want to watch).
It was about a group of teenage girls in Sydney who were sunbaking with their mobile phone numbers in zinc across their back.

Line of the week…

“At least they were responsible enough to wear sunscreen; they’re Slip Slop Slappers.”


Speaking of slappers and those who deserve gold, pick up line of the week goes to my friend Jemima*

Jemima: You're very cute
Random Boy at the pub: Why thank you. Can I buy you a drink?

J: Certainly, I'll have the most expensive cocktail on the list thanks
RB: Sure....So, what are you doing after here?

J: I'm not sure, but I can tell you that you may have a chance of coming back to my place
RB: Sounds good!

J: But first, I think we need to pash so I see if you're a good kisser, and only THEN will I decide if you can come home with me or not. Ok?

Later - (J and RB - pashing in the corner of a pub behind a curtain).

PS. He wasn’t good enough

*Name has been changed to protect the not so innocent

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clutch Lust

This utterly divine Celestina Abalone Clutch would set you back a measly $880 when it was for sale on Net-a-Porter (sold out now - booooo). So what is an enterprising young filly like me supposed to do when she NEEDS one?

Why, pop on her fancy diving gear, hop in the deep blue briny and get one for herself, of course. It would have totally complimented that outfit.

We actually got 10 of these in a dive over Christmas. They look awful, but are delicious when tenderised and done on the barbie in butter and garlic. Its was real treat as they are getting fished out in the waters at Yorkes because there is such high demand for them in asian markets.

FYI, no purse was actually borne of this underwater adventure. I think the shells got turned into ashtrays.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comfort Blogging

Although I'm all for comfort eating (I love Tuna Mornay and gooey peppermint chocolate -not together though) and comfort drinking (gin), I find my real solace in shopping. Some of my best pairs of shoes have been found when I am low. When I have holes in my pockets, the next best thing for me is perty pictures.

Here are some that I am just loving at the moment

Polaroid prints of the beach from She Hit Pause Studios

Vintage seaside photos from
JKL Design

Mmmm, I am soothed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008