Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Evil Earwig and the Trout Pout

I was drinking a Pepsi Max last night when an earwig managed to crawl into my straw whilst I was concentrating on my samurai sudoku. Consequently, when I took a sip, it stung me on the lip.

I feel like the love child of a three way between Lisa Rinna, Meg Ryan and Nikki Cox.

Meanwhile this photo does not do justice to the weirdness that is Meg Ryan's new lips - I went to see The Women with Kimberlee and our friend Bec and I couldn't concentrate when she was on screen. I just kept staring at that mouth.

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jlb said...

Here here about The Women. I was also just so distracted by all of Meg's work and couldn't bear her hair at the end all flat and lifeless. And did you notice the blatant Dove product placement? On the plus side - I think the work Anette Bening has had done is great.