Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weakness - thy name is Kermit

This is the yummiest, scrummiest cake ever!
The South Australian Heritage Icon - the Balfours frog cake.

pic from here

Just like science class, I will now perform an amphibian dissection

I just drooled on my keyboard!

Personally, I think the green ones are the best and would never say no to the pink ones, but I'm not such a fan of the chocolate ones.

pic from here

At uni, I would be struck down with the biggest cravings and we would have to do frog cake runs - which is not the easiest thing to do as I'm pretty sure they are only made once a week and not all delis stock them, so it was sometimes a hit and miss affair.

These gorgeous paintings by Dianne Gall would solve my craving problem forever, in fact I think I would be on a permanent sugar high. If they were still available for sale, I would so be breaking into my piggy bank right now.

that's my kind of breakfast


Alexis said...

So cute--and delicious too? I must find one!

Sally said...

Oh yum Pip! My second favourite food after donuts. x

Kimberlee said...

awesome post pip!! - my fav bit is the dissection - lucky we never had to do that in biology - i had enough trouble turning on the bunsen burner and you were too busy drawing the 'nitss on your pencil case. I think the 'nits' deserve a post actually.
And where the hell did you find those paintings, I want one pronto! - my perfect breakfast too, minus the grapefruit though..... x

Emma @ White and Wander said...

I have already told Mum I will be needing a pink froggy when I get home - sad insight that the things I have missed most being away are Balfours custard tarts and froggys, and perrymann's pies! My diet rocks right now!

PS: we could split the bill on one of those paintings and have it for 6 months at a time each....?

shill said...

delish!!!i've never heard of such yummies, thank you for the information, now i have a new sweet looking thing to be addicted to :)

Emma @ White and Wander said...

Do you know I have just realised you wrote apricot jam? I swear I always thought it was honey? Either way, yum tum xx

This Painting Life said...

Hello there Pip, thanks for the nice comments about my work. I have a small paintings site where I have more affordable work for might find the odd frog cake painting there from time to time!
Cheers Dianne

lorelailette♚ said...

all of this cake watching is making me drool!
I've never seen such delicious and mouth watering delicacies ... *runs off to find cake*