Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Tunesday - Escape

The most exciting thing happened to me!!!!!!!! (I do not like exclamation marks, so that has got to be a good indication of how exciting it is!)

I got given an ipod touch!!

It has changed my life! I am a different person! I am way cooler for a start!

I loaded it up and culled songs that appeared across albums more than once, except for this one! I think it may be on there 3 times!

I love love love this song! (see how I did the 3 times thing there again!)

One afternoon in the unibar, my friends and I planned how we would make our own film clip, but several rounds of Pina Coladas later plans stalled, which sucks cos it would have been rad!!!

I think this version is very much on my wavelength!

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Breakfast for Dinner said...

Congrats! I was also given an iPod Touch this weekend...well, from myself, but nevertheless. I love it! I feel so cool and techie. I've uploaded all my music and am using the Apps and lists and all that.

Only problem is that now I want an iPhone so I can use Safari all the time. Hmm, 3 days later and I'm addicted. Damn you Apple!