Thursday, December 4, 2008

I still call Australia Home

I just saw the Baz Luhrmann movie Australia and I was completely suckered in. The whole movie was one glorious cliche after another and it pushed every emotional button it could. And I LOVED every moment of it.
Brandon Walters was just beautiful. I really hope he lands another great film after this as he was a natural. He had me laughing and crying - I was a bloody emotional wreck because of him.

Nicole Kidman's wardrobe was heaven sent. It was all designed by Catherine Martin, who has used the Lady Sarah Ashley character as inspiration for a new, exclusive (and super expensive) line for RM Williams. Its all rather flamboyant and romantic and cos I'm still in the lovesick throes of the movie, I'm rather taken by it all.

This last dress costs $7,900. I didn't think you could buy anything in Oz for that much, but apart from that, I think its lovely.


Kimberlee said...

oh man. i can't wait. i am sooooo glad you loved it cost that = me will love it.
and right now I am wishing i still worked at RM Williams.... Catherine Martin is a total genius, I seriously want to be her. That dress? gorgeous.

The Lil Bee said...

I haven't seen it yet. These clothes are so delicate and beautiful!

shill said...

gogeous wardrobe!!!you make me miss oz...