Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feed my Addiction

Last year was the first in ages that I didn't buy a new bikini (instead I got myself a couple of pairs of new boardies). This year, I am looking at my pale and pudgy post winter self and thinking that maybe I am over my bathers addiction...

But no.

The clever duo behind Kitten have come up with a new swimwear label; Hotel Bondi Swim. You probably wouldn't guess it from the label name, but their collections are inspired by Bondi and the ideas for the prints come from all the different vibes the place throws out - from the parrots behind the Bondi Pavillion to those dreamy boardriders.

And I am in luurrve.

Lets start with the pic that greated me when opening up their webpage
My usual shopping day outfit.
I grew up with boxers, so I think I should get this Tshirt for free

The best dresses always have pockets.
They think my eyebrows are cool,

but most importantly, they do a mean bikini.


Courtney said...

seeing photos of leggy models in bikinis after I've been consuming nothing but gingerbread cookies and liquor (pretty much), makes me want to do sit-ups as I read through this post!

Holy goodness those are some nice swimsuits.

Kimberlee said...

oh man, i'm going to get liposuction now just to wear those gorgeous suits, nice one pips! xxx

and a free tshirt? pushing it a bit aren't you - you already got an ipod touch for free this year. geesh! hehe x

Emma @ White and Wander said...

The terror of a bikini is alive and well in my world ... still boardies for Em me thinks this year!

You are true chinese beach bum xx

Courtney said...

You can't beat a dress with pockets! They are just the best.

Apt. #34 said...

I would love to have a couple of those for my Christmas holiday - where I'll be seriously detoxing from my cookie overload - its the perfect motivation