Sunday, August 24, 2008

Look Both Ways

I just watched Look Both Ways tonight and loved it. I can't believe I waited so long to see this movie, especially as it was filmed here.
I really felt my heart being tugged - I laughed and I cried buckets.
All the characters were so real - which is a testament to the actors as the two main leads are quite recognisable and even at this local level, it can be hard to separate the character from the actor when that is the case (Come on, its Roo from Home and Away people !)
I think William McInnes is gorgeous and as this film was directed by his wife Sarah Watt, he just shines. If you haven't seen - go hire it and do your bit for the Australian Film Industry.


Kimberlee said...

Yes yes yes! Isn't it just fantastic! So glad you enjoyed it x

Miss Em said...

OMG I watched this too!! Just flicked the channel over by chance and there it was. I cried too. Brilliant. William McInnes is a fine specimen of a man.

WilliamWatch said...

Ahh you're a woman with good taste. A magnificent Australian film with a fantastic cast!