Wednesday, June 24, 2009


How auspicious is this...

I started this little whimsy of a blog one year ago yesterday, with a post on my new Moby Dick print.

On this very anniversary day, a white whale calf was spotted just off the coast at Head of Bight. I think he's a little good luck charm, an encouragement to keep on blogging.

I'll have to get one of these from Thalassa Jewellery to make sure I stick with it

And while I'm on whales, how cute is this tweedy little fellow from the Cats Miaow

PS. I originally titled this post Cetacean Surprise, but it sounded like a really dodgy cocktail.

1 part sperm oil
2 parts rum
Dash of lime
Serve over ice, in a tall glass and garnish with a frozen penguin, baleen stirrer and a twist of kelp


Poke Salad Annie said...

Ha ha! i love that wee charm, it's adorable! and yes, do keep blogging please :)

Sara said...

The pendant is gorgeous!!

red ticking said...

i love whales...they are magical... and make me happy.

A Pretty Trip said...

That soft whale toy is too cute!