Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What up Stinky?

Best Gift Idea Ever. 6 month Soap subscription from Sweet Petula for just under $AUS50. Not just for those who are olfactorily challenged (though what a clever hint), but also for people who like getting parcels in the post.

Want something wrapped for the act of handing over? How about a soap dish? I think the coolest thing to do is use a little cupcake stand.

via i am baker

Bam, birthday covered. Sweet smell of success.


Kimberlee said...

BAM! its about time you posted something - woo hoo! love your guts and your blog. x

Kate said...

Perfect for those with a potty mouth - get it? So they can 'wash their mouth out with soap!'

Gosh, I'm tragic!

designchic said...

love a package...the soaps are wonderful!

marble floor border said...

What is the latest Soap subscription package? The soaps are wonderful.
~ Herman Swan