Monday, November 23, 2009

Diva Down on the Farm

I am about to confess to three loves. One of which is secret and I will deny if asked about in public.

The first is not a secret and is shared by many.
Beyonce's Single Ladies is such a fun song and the version with the baby dancing in front of the TV - comic gold.

The second is also not a secret to those who know me:
Country boys. No explanation necessary.

The third is not something that I ever want my boyfriend to find out about. He would never let me live it down. (He knows about the aforementioned love - he is one).
Truth is, I love John Williamson. Always have. My childhood best friend and I used to put on backyard concerts, singing his songs in our off key, 6 year old harmonies. We rather enjoyed "Rip, Rip Woodchip" which pandered to our environmental sensibilities, but our personal (and of course, the crowd) favourite would have been "True Blue" with its reference to smoko. I love that term. My grandma, Sal, has always called morning tea; smoko.


You can imagine my utter delight when I saw all three combined this Saturday morning.

Cameos don't get much better than that (and they're all in Bonds wife beaters to boot)

They also played "Take it from me", by Girlfriend, not long after that little gem. Gerbera fronted pork pie hats, sunflowers placed chestacularly on a black vest and rose dotted ruffle shirts - bloomin' fantastic.

God bless you Rage.


Kimberlee said...

Ok. What I am about to tell you I hope does not affect our friendship (affect, effect?!) - I own Girlfriend Cassingles, a few in fact. And watching their youtube I was a little bit scared by the fact I sang along. To every word....

Dale said...

Ahhh, yes, but what about "Boogie with me Baby" used to leave us in stitches!!
And "Old Man Emu", hilarious because he said "I can run the pants off a kangaroo" Nothing like a pants joke for a couple of very young naive country kids!!!
And it goes without saying that I share your love for country boys xxx