Thursday, September 3, 2009

Be-Tray Me

How gorgeous are these arrangements from this real wedding on Snippet and Ink? I am going to steal the idea.

So simple. The tray is a clever idea. It makes me want to position them as extra arrangements on side tables or random pillars (everyone has random pillars floating around their place don't they) and have a main table with a long row of the different shaped green bottles and lilies, moss and tealights.

I actually wanted this to be a nice post, but couldn't resist... I'm getting flash backs to working in the pub and doing a bit of glassy work, although in that case the tray would have the empty bottles, the curly moss/grass would be used serviettes and the calla lilies would most likely be spent cigarettes and their odourous plumes of smoke.

Mmmm, appetising.

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