Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Big D and M

So kids, what’s new with you?

As evidenced by my lack of posts the last couple of months, I’ve been a bit sidetracked lately.

I have been weighing up for a long time about whether to write anything about this, but the sun feels like its peeking through the clouds now and I’ve been told that sharing is what makes things better with me – so I am exorcising (and for those who know my mantra – “fitness is shitness”, this is a big thing)
… Oh the puns, I do crack myself up.

Anyhoo, a few months ago I fell into a bit of a hole that, at the time, felt bottomless.

So, this is a cute black dog peeking around the corner, but mine was sucky

I’ve truly never felt that way before and I must say it scared the bejesus out of me. On top of that I had work issues and relationship issues and blah, blah, blah

Then right in the middle of all this came the kicker…

My mum was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.

Now, my mum Margaret (Margie to her sisters, Mutti to me) is a trooper.

Mum skiing on the Murray in the 70s

She has handled all her treatments with absolute aplomb and a strength that has made me both beam with pride and bawl my eyes out at the same time.

She spent five weeks doing radiotherapy and chemo at the same time. She was given a jaunty bum bag to carry her chemo drugs with her at all times, which is supposed to make it less stressful on the body.

I laughed my arse off when I saw this picture of Madonna child shopping in Malawi as I never thought I’d see the day when my mother and the Queen of Pop were getting around in the same gear (I wouldn’t blink an eyelid if it was my father and the King of Pop; Michael Jackson – Dad’s love of surgical masks, sequinned gloves and military gloves is legendary)... BTW - that was a joke Brenton, we all know that all you share with MJ is a love of The Beatles as evidenced by this mighty Sgt Pepperesque mo.

Awww, young love. I think they're in their early 20's here

Mum got burns from the radiotherapy that sent her back into hospital, unable to walk, but as soon as they were under control, she was as bright and sunny as before again. It is an absolutely effed up situation, not being able to do anything for her, but it has made the family such a tight unit. I have never felt as close to my mum as I do now and I have so much respect for her.

Mum and me and my little bro Rowan

Mum (in the tea cosy - excellent sartorial choice there Marg) and me digging for pipis, I think its at Goolwa

Next week she goes into surgery to have the tumour removed and will have to have a colostomy bag for a few months, which she is already making jokes about.

I am shit-scared, but because of her attitude, I can’t feel anything but positive about the future.

Here’s to rainbows because they are beauty borne from turbulence.

(that sounded a bit happy clappy didn't it?)


Nat said...

Hey Pip,
Wow - what a post. I'm new to your blog but after reading that felt compelled to post. I just wanted to wish your Mum all the best for her operation. She sounds like an amazing, positive woman. Hope that she makes a good recovery.

Please make sure that you look after yourself as well. Good luck with getting the black dog on a leash!

Emma @ White and Wander said...

Not happy clappy at all darling ... just plain and simple truth. You are handling all of this in the way that is right for you, which is different for everyone, and the rainbows will be there for longer each day as things go on.
She is so lucky to have such a vibrant, creative and loving daughter to shine on her through this dark time xx

Kimberlee said...

laughing and crying at my desk pippa! that was a gorgeous post beautiful girl. and the pics, my fav! xxxxxxx

g. said...

Beautiful, sweet post. I am there with you with my dad, and he has been an inspiration to my siblings and I in a way that has made it possible for us to all see the possibility and hope. Hang in there.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I love your sense of humor and your positive attitude. You must of inherited some of that from your fabulous mum? One yr. ago next wk. my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. It's amazing all the feelings & feers that are conjured up knowing someone so important in your life is so ill. I admire your mother as she is giving you the greatest gift ever, & that is her great example of courage and appreciation for life. I so love the photos of her. I suspect we are around the same age & I too have a daughter who is 29. Please give your mum a hug from me in America & tell her to kick ass!

Anonymous said...

i've come visiting from Brown Button and just read this post. A good friend of mine has just gone through this with her mum having breast cancer. all you can do is be there for your mum and make sure your friends are there for you. lean on them whenever you need to, thats what friends are for.
good luck x

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Just saw this & my heart swelled! PLEEEEASE, give your dearest Mum a BIG, WARM and VERY HEALTHY HUG from me and my family in Arizona!!!

Warmest blessings,
Linda and family, in AZ *