Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Day in Bling

Oh Daily Candy, thank you again for bringing the big wide world to my little computer.
I would especially like to thank you for the deals emails which put me on to Leviticus Jewellery.

They have helped me plan a really fun day...

I would start the day with a morning sail in an elegant balloon

I would blitz the boutiques
I would keep my morals about me by not coveting my neighbour's ass (this is a ten commandments necklace; that was in there, right? I'm sure i remember that from Sunday School)

But to temper my goodness, I would still like to get up to just enough mischief.

I would win a race. (I'd like to pretend it was a running race, but it would more likely be an eating competition).

And I would tell someone I loved them in American Sign Language


Kimberlee said...

Pip, seriously, how do you do it? You 'give such good posts'.... I want the coat hanger one, especially for when I head to Melbs for my stinky birthday in a couple of weeks.... which is just quietly would spend all my birthday pocket money on a flight to ensure you joined me....

K @ Blog Goggles said...

You're back!

And my neighbor is pretty fine, so I'm not sure I'll be able to not covet him, but I'll try. If it will get me one of those necklaces.

joy refurbished said...

The handcuffs necklace and the 10 commandments necklace are wonderful. And I too try to remember not to covet my neighbors ass :)